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Search & Abstracting

Full & proper property search is essential to every transaction. Liberty Bell Agency provides customized solutions to every client!

Customized Search Solutions

We provide many various types of Title Search Reports based upon the needs of each specific client and will customize our reports and services accordingly. From Briefs and Continuations to Extensive Full Title Searches, each report is designed to provide all necessary information and details pertaining to the condition of the specific type of real estate under review. All possible defects are disclosed, evaluated and provided in a comprehensive, professional report.

Founded By A Team Of Attorneys And Seasoned Professionals

Successful transactions depend on far more than just good faith. With Liberty Bell Agency, you get the advantage of working with a highly experienced team of professionals who understand the importance of securing the legal assurances that lucrative deals are built on.

Founded by a team of attorneys in the Default Industry, we are knowledgeable about every facet of a mortgage gone wrong. Therefore, we are prepared and ready to provide every possible solution to ensure your investment is handled properly so you can depend on us to help you navigate any complex legal transaction.