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Closing Services and Settlements

Close with Confidence! Liberty Bell has the Experience, Expertise & Excellence to guide you every step of the way.

Putting it all together

With the full knowledge and compliance of both State & Federal regulations, we provide a professional and smooth process for each settlement completed. By providing title, escrow, and all recording services, our staff delivers a one stop solution for all your real estate transactions.

Experts on RESPA, TRID and all industry standards and requirements, Liberty Bell Agency’s closing team ensures only success for our customers. With our knowledge, deals always close.

Closing Procedure

The Closing (also called the Settlement) is the culmination of a lot of work performed on behalf of the Buyer and Seller by various Real Estate related professionals. This can include the real estate agents, attorneys for each party, the mortgage broker, the lender, title insurance company, etc. They each have a vested interest in making sure that your closing happens timely and without problems.

Given the number of professionals that could be working together to prepare for the Closing, it is important that all parties involved communicate well. With Liberty Bell Agency, our customers can trust that we do everything in our power to provide the best possible service to the buyer and the seller.

On closing day, the buyer and the seller complete the legal transfer of the real estate with a representative of the title agent conducting the settlement. At settlement, both the buyer and seller will provide certain documents and receipts, review and sign various other documents, and make affirmations as to certain facts. These documents along with the appropriate funds shown on the Settlement Statement will be provided to the representative of the title agent at the closing table.

Settlement can take as little time as fifteen minutes to sign all the forms and transfer ownership, or it can take several hours, depending on the complexity of the transaction. Usually a real estate purchase settlement will last about an hour. At the end of closing, the seller will receive their check and the buyer will receive the keys to their new home!

Liberty Bell Agency will complete the transaction by recording the necessary documents with the county that applies and forward the new title insurance policies to the new owner and lender.


Please watch the video below in regards to wire transferring of money:

Closing Costs

Usually the only fees applicable in Pennsylvania are county recording fees and any transfer taxes owed for documents created in the transaction, such as the deed and mortgage. Closing costs may also include the actual government charges for obtaining tax, utility and other municipal certification statements.

For more information regarding closing costs, please visit this link – http://www.homeclosing101.org/the-closing-process/closing-costs-explained

With Liberty Bell Agency, we will keep you apprised of each step of the process so you feel confident and comfortable allowing you to benefit in multiple ways:

  • Commitment to Superior Service
  • Simple Deposit Solutions
  • Electronic Signature Signing
  • Convenient Settlement Locations
  • Premium Value
  • Highly Experienced Closing Team