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CERTaintyTM Tax Search Solutions

Liberty Bell Agency can search over 3100 independent municipalities in PA & NJ

Another Piece of the Puzzle

With Liberty Bell Agency’s current CERTainty™ database, we can deliver clear, accurate and timely tax searches for all 67 counties in PA and 21 counties in NJ. We provide payoffs for real estate taxes, municipal charges, and any related liens.

Liberty Bell Agency provides tax search services for foreclosure and settlement purposes. A complete search will provide all current and delinquent charges for services provided by the municipalities or their respective authorities.

Not sure how to get a payoff for a lien? Liberty Bell Agency will take care of that for you with a comprehensive property tax and municipality bill report.

Real Estate Taxes

Generally there are three main types of real estate taxes: County taxes, Municipal taxes, and School taxes.

The requirements vary from county to county and from municipality to municipality. But, we always consider other factors that may affect the collection of real estate taxes. We determine the any third party collectors for delinquent or current Real Estate Taxes.

Municipal Taxes

Municipalities (Townships, Boroughs, or Cities) are permitted to charge separately for services above and beyond what is provided by real estate taxes. They may do so directly, or through the creation of a Municipal Utility Authority.

Generally the major types of services provided include: Rubbish services, Recycling services, Water services, Sewer services and to a lesser extent Gas and Electric services. These services can also be provided by a private service or utility company. If the service is provided by a private company, that information is unnecessary since private utility providers are typically not entitled to a municipal lien against a property.